FAQ & Contact

Do you have a Physical store for Try ons/Pickups?

No. Because we are a small business we do not have a store for try ons or pickups. 

Do you Offer a Try On Service?

Yes. $30 plus postage Includes up to 2x items for try on (plus postage). Try-ons are subject to garment availability. Try on is a 24 hour service and once receiving the try on it must be returned the next day. To use this service please request an invoice rentacamilla@gmail.com

How Do I Book?

Click on the item from our website, select your dates on the calendar and checkout.  Using the calendar select 4 days which cover your event date. For example if your event is on Saturday, select Friday onwards. Once selected continue to checkout . Postage is $25 return with signature upon delivery

When Should I Book?

Please ensure all bookings at made before WEDNESDAY if your event is on that weekend. We are located in Brisbane and must Express ship by WEDNESDAY to ensure the garment arrives by Friday. There is NO SHIPPING ON SAT AND SUN!!

My Dates are Blocked out?

This means another booking on the item has already been selected for blocked out dates. Please email us regarding the item as we have seconds and cancellations.

Does Rent A Camilla have a Physical Shop?

No we are purely an online hire service. We suggest you try on a similar style at a boutique or stockist such as David Jones. 

Can I Book in Advance?

Yes. We allow bookings up to 2 months in advance.

Do you require a bond?

No. We only require you fill-out our rental agreement form which is located on our website which asks for a valid credit card to be held as security. Once the hire item is returned in original condition all personal information is destroyed.

What is the Shipping Cost?

We offer a flat rate fee of $25 shipping fee. This price includes express postage + signature to you and a return paid satchel for sending the item back to us. 

What is Shipping Time?

The estimated delivery time is for Express Post is 1-2 Business days depending on your location, time you submitted the order and previous orders status. We always aim for the hire to arrive 2 days before your event so your organized, however delays with Australia Post are common. If the address is outside of the express post network notice must be given immediately or Rent-A-Camilla is not responsible for late arrival of hire.  

What if my Parcel doesn't arrive on time?

Rent-A-Camilla express posts apparel to nominated address for a charge of $22, if the address is outside of the express post notice must be given or Rent-A-Camilla is not responsible for late arrival of hire.      

If you book last minute we are not responsible if your hire cannot be shipped or does not arrive on time and you will not receive a refund. In most cases a 50% Hire refund will occur or a store credit note is available. 

What If I don't Wear the Garment?

We can unfortunately not provide you with a refund or credit if you choose not to wear your garment for your event/occasion. Our items are in high demand and it's not fair for other clients who want to hire but cannot due to unavailability

Can I wash the Camilla?

Please do not wash the Camilla. We take care of all dry-cleaning. If you spill something on it please let us know and we will get it cleaned. We will have to charge you for signs of washing. 

Can I use Hollywood Tape or Any Tape?

Usually we ask that you do not use tape as it rips the silk when removed. If you do use tape please be very careful as we will have to charge for the damage

How do I return the Camilla?

Return on the last day of your hire by lodging the prepaid bag we sent at the post office or putting in a yellow express box before 5pm. If you return the hire incorrectly a $40 fee will apply. This happens when the user puts the express bag in a red (regular post box) instead of a yellow (express box). 

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